Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Constructive Meeting!

The PolyGnomes had an excellent meeting on Monday, and plan another on Wednesday (our new schedule is Mon/Wed).

We got some ideas about the basic design we could use, and discussed various strategies for our robot. We have a nice crisp engineering notebook with our name engraved upon it neatly which will prove quite useful.

We also took out the parts of our new robotics kit and put together a basic chassis that may or may not be the final robot's chassis. We haven't yet managed to hook the motors up to a computer or power source yet, but will most likely on Wednesday.

Eric and I also installed and began to get used to RobotC, which seems like a very powerful language that we may use for the robot's code (NXT-G is too buggy for my taste). It will be refreshing to have some neat code that is much more malleable than the stuff we've been using so far. Using NXT-G or EasyC is like LEGOs, it's fun and structured. But using text-based coding is more like clay, which you need to understand to work, but once you do gives you easy-to-make, elegant results. I think I'll dive into making the core robot code soon :).

Anyway, we'll probably update the blog with more technical stuff, using the notes we took on that meeting.

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